How many times do you have to fail or struggle at something before you know it’s time to give up and focus on something else?  To that I’d say… Never give up!

So many times after much hard work we struggle hoping to see success, and when this doesn’t happen it can be very discouraging and disheartening, and even tempting to just lay down the towel and move onto something else. Again… I’ll say…. Never give up.

Don’t let the challenges you are facing in life cause you to turn your back on your dream/goal! With life comes ups and downs… tough times and times of ease, but if you persevere and keep on pressing along (one day at a time) success WILL soon come.

Instead of fantasising about how relieved you’d feel moving onto something else, take a deep breath, say to yourself…. ‘My goal is to just get through what I’ve got to do for today’ and press on!

I hope that whoever is reading this will appreciate a little reminder and encouragement to keep on going… and never give up!


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