1st Post for 2015… yaaaay!!!

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I'm back

I’m back!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written and published a blog post.  I fell off my blogging schedule, had a baby, and wrote a book (The Life Map) all the while feeling guilty for not keeping up with my blog 🙁  I’ve been encouraged by many not to worry about having fallen off, and they’ve encouraged me that I’ve had good ‘reasons/excuses’ for my absence on my blog.

Well in spite of the excuses I’m happy to be back and look forward to getting back into regular writing.  I’ve always found writing to be therapeutic and I also enjoy hearing how the posts encourage those who read them.

So…. It’s a New Year! I always get excited for new beginnings.  I love Mondays, the 1st of the month, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and New Years.  It’s an opportunity to:

  1. An opportunity to acknowledge time that has past
  2. Reflect and be thankful for blessings received
  3. Plan and prepare for what’s next

I feel very thankful for being able to ringing in the New Year in health, and with my family and loved ones by my side (also in great health).  As I think about the past year I must admit that while I took each month very seriously and had goals I was working on; now that we are in 2015 it’s hard to deny that 2014 seems to have flown by.  It didn’t feel like it at the time, but now that it’s over it sure feels like 2014 just whizzed by.

So keeping that in mind you must be very intentional about what you will do with your time throughout 2015. Take a moment and jot down a few exciting things you have on the horizon for this year.  Things that are already schedule to take place that bring you a sense of joy.  Then consider what goals you are setting for yourself to accomplish over the year.  What are the things that are going to help you accomplish that plan?

Knowing all the things you need to accomplish a particular goal in advance can sometimes be a challenge, but you can start off with at least a few tools/resources for getting started. It’s great to have ideas for what you’d like to get done, but truth is, without a plan it just WON’T get done.  So take a moment and decide 1 or 2 things you can start doing right away that will help you accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself in 2015.

Personally I have a lot of goals I’m working on this year, and the most important things I need to help me realize my goals is setting aside daily quiet time with God.  I realize more than anything last year that all the things I want to accomplish can’t be done well without God’s hand in it.  So the first thing I commit to working on this year is establishing consistent time alone with God every day.  This is the most important thing I can do for myself in 2015, and I am confident that this very small yet significant step will help me realize the goals and dreams I’m going after this year.

I’ve recently been really inspired to create a prayer room however currently our family is living with my parents, for the next 11 months which means I have limited space to create a prayer room.  I came across this great blog post by  Sheri Dacon – Quiet time with God: A How to series (part one on finding a space) that encouraged readers to start small if space is limited, so my mission this week is to create a ‘prayer corner’. If you follow me on Instagram @colleenblakemiller or Facebook (same name) I’ll post the pictures in the next few days once I’ve got it all set up.

Wish me luck!


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