I don’t know how to meditate on positive thoughts

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As a woman of faith, I find the Scriptures to be a great source for uplifting thoughts, and truths.  Consider how you can implement scripture into your Mental Diet and believe me you will begin to see how powerful this little habit can be in improving your life.

So you might be thinking…’I am no good at meditating’ or ‘I don’t know how to meditate on positive thoughts’….Ok… THAT’S NOT TRUE!!!!  I’ve included a quote from a book I’m currently reading and I found it to be very helpful in debunking that myth:

 For many people, the practice of meditating on Scripture and spiritual insights seems difficult.  I’ve heard faithful believers tell me they don’t have the discipline or the concentration to memorize verses or focus on God’s truth for long periods of time without getting distracted.  But everyone knows how to do this.  Most of us do it when we’re anxious and worried; we can concentrate on problems and fears for hours at a time, picking apart every detail and obsessing about every contingency.  Thinking great thought means taking that incredible ability to focus on negatives and using it for more positive and truthful purposes.


Chip Ingram: Good to Great in God’s Eyes – Ten Practices Great Christians Have in Common Pg.19



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