Day 14

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So… Tonight I’m sharing the TRUTH… I’m sharing my continued struggle.  I’ve had 2 days that haven’t been good… I’ve had 2 days of making bad choices in my eating that I regret the next morning when I wake up… (it’s always the worse the next morning).

So I was thinking about why/how I have fallen off the wagon ‘yet again’ and I recognize that a BIG part of my problem is falling off with my daily prayer (1st thing in the morning) focused around asking God for strength to make it through the day specifically regarding my eating.  To some this may seem like a non-issue or an excuse but the truth is I’m taking responsibility for the bad choices I’ve made for the past 2 days…. but it’s also  very obvious to me how my spiritual life is connected to my physical and emotional health or lack there of.

So in chatting with a girlfriend tonight I shared with her how I was doing the past 2 days and asked (partly in jest) for her to pray for me… and she replies with this very beautiful and fitting prayer that I thought I’d share:

“Oh Jesus have mercy on us your daughters. 

Lord we love u, and we desire to be good stewards over all that you have given to us, including our bodies.  Help us to do better in the area of food consumption.  We desire to be more disciplined in this area and we know that you are more than good enough to see us through. 

So Lord we put our trust not in Dr. Bernstein, Weight Watchers, Herbal Remedies, Dr Poon, Dr Brown.  Lord we put our health in the hands of Dr. Jesus. 

Help us, instruct us and mature us in this area.  We come against distractions, cravings and emotions that just keep adding pounds.  Lord we trust you and we tell you thanks for giving Colleen and I and every woman who struggles in this area the victory. 

In Jesus name.  Amen!”

I loved the prayer so much that I asked her for permission to share it on my blog.  I hope that it’s as encouraging for some of you reading as it was for me reading it!!


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