Day 12

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So this is my confession. My son’s birthday party was on Saturday and I planned on not eating any sweets including the cake, but at about 2am the night before as I was hard at work doing some of the final preparation I felt a little whisper inside me saying ‘come on Colleen…. Look how hard your working… You DESERVE at least a SLICE of cake.’ Then the day came and I was doing great… Until I spoke with my accountability partner (Aunty Fran) and said I’m gonna have a slice… And she agreed that it wasn’t unreasonable.

Unfortunately for me though after deciding to have the slice my WHOLE healthy eating ‘cap’ came off and I found myself junking on aaaall the unhealthy party food I could find 🙁

THEN the next day was another kids party where AGAIN I indulged in cake AND all the junk that is so prevalent at kids parties which made for cheat day# 2

And then came day 12…… Drum roll please…..

And THAAAAAANK GOD It was a victorious day. I’m writing this blog in bed craving some Runts candies…. But I was able to resist!!! And I am determined to get back on track!!!

Amen 🙂

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