Day 14 – Daniel Fast… ok, so today I fainted, and licked a piece of meat!

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Day 14, and would you believe that I actually fainted this morning.  I woke up extra early so that I could get a good chunk of work done before my kids woke up.  I was cleaning the bathroom and moving up and down and up and down, I guess too fast, and as I stood up real fast and reached for the shower head (I was using the running water to wash out the soapy water in the tub) and before I knew it my head was spinning like crazy.  I closed my eyes in hopes of stopping the spinning, and the next thing I knew I was hanging over the tub with water beating down my back and head. 

What a shocking experience!!!

I realized after I’d gotten a hold of myself and dried off that I probably fainted because I hadn’t had anything to eat!  Yes, silly me! And Thank God that I wasn’t IN the shower when this happened as my family was fast asleep while this whole episode took place.

Not the greatest way to start the morning, but it was a BIG reminder of the importance of taking good care of oneself when doing such a drastic change in diet such as the Daniel Fast!  The rest of the day went well, and I just kept thinking about how fortunate I was that my fainting experienced didn’t result in anything worse.

So… note to those embarking on the Daniel Fast journey… REMEMBER not to get active on an empty stomach!!

And about licking the piece of meat, I actually did it for a GOOD cause.  My mother sent over some food for my hubby and kids, and it looked like it could have been jerked (very hot/peppery seasonings for those of you who have never tasted jerk chicken before).  I smelt it, and tried to determine if was jerked or not, but I wasn’t 100% sure.  My husband wasn’t home and my children needed to eat.  I thought about just serving it to them anyhow, but then I imagined seeing their poor little faces reacting to the ‘could be’ hot jerk seasoning.  Well you get the picture… so I did what any good mom would do.  I licked it! and THAT’s it!! I’m so proud of me, for not convincing myself to take a bite… I thought of it… but I didn’t… yay for me… well really thank God for the strength to be able to resist.

Night Night!

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