‘Why bother m…

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‘Why bother making New Year’s resolutions’ you may ask….

Well I believe making yearly resolutions/goals is an important part of living out your best life.  I don’t think that you become your ‘best’ you by accident. I believe it requires a level of planning and intentionality, and starting the year off with ‘goals’ plays a major role in that. 

I don’t so much think that making a “New Years” resolution matters more than a resolution/goal set at any other time of year, I just believe in just MAKING a goal and resolving to improve certain areas of ones life.

There is a saying that says:  Failing to plan is basically planning to FAIL, so to think that whatever you want to see your life become is just going to become your reality is foolish.  Take advantage of the beginning of a New Year and review the year that’s just passed, and make a plan for what you will work towards achieving.


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