Who’s that CRAZY FAN?!?!?!

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So I like this idea of allowing the athletes we see scoring all the goals/winning the gold medals to motivate us in our personal lives, so I’m going to keep talking about that today.

So… truth is I’m really NOT into sports… AT ALL!!! However at the gym they always have TV’s playing, with different sports shows on, and something I see ALL the time never ceases to amaze me! 

I always see fans sitting in the audience going ‘CRAZY’… I MEAN C-R-A-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Y over their team.  Now that in an of itself isn’t what puzzles me… it’s the fans that seem SOOO out of shape, and appear as if ‘cheering’ for their team is the ONLY form of exercise they typically get….lol THIS is what amazes me, because I just can’t wrap my brain around how you can be sooooo passionate in cheering an athlete on and wanting them to experience the ultimate success (winning), when YOU don’t even give your own health the same kind of attention or respect.

I mean when did our world get so disconnected that we can spend sooo much energy focused on encouraging others along… while never thinking about our own progress? I don’t think that’s healthy… OR helpful.

So my thought/challenge is this:

  • Think about what you spend your time doing ‘passionately’
    • Watching/supporting a team
    • Religiously watching a television show
    • Working your butt off for your company
  • Then ask yourself if you are dedicating THAT much time investing into your own personal, spiritual and physical wellness?
  • If not then the possibility is that the overweight/out of shape crazy fan in the audience is YOU… cheering on some person who will probably NEVER know your name!  You give 100% of your energies to cheer them on… they walk away with the trophy… and you walk away with what…..A BIG FAT NOTHING!!!!!!!! So… maybe it’s time you start using some of that energy to cheer your OWN self on?!?!?!?!

Ok… so for the record… I am not Anti-Sports or anything like that… (SERIOUSLY!!! LOL) I just think that in the midst of all the stuff we fill up our time doing… we owe it to ourselves to invest the same (if not more) time on improving ourselves!!!!!!!


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