Today I flipped out and showed my angry face :s

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So… Today I flipped out at a customer service rep at the passport office… I raised my voice… I got dramatic and even managed to get teary eyed… I basically had a public melt down before I could even catch myself…

I stormed out of the office feeling SO upset at the person serving me, not understanding why they needed to be soooo difficult, and caught myself thinking/wishing she would have a sucky day for the mean way she handled me….

So… after getting in my car, cooled down, and allowed myself to admit that I had created my own mess by waiting till the last minute to renew my passport (hence my panic).  I was able to see how in that quick moment I so easily forgot that God had everything in control, and freaking out really wouldn’t change or help things go smoother…

I say all this to say that it really isn’t worth all the drama and energy we sometimes put out, trying to take things into our own hands; getting upset; showing our angry/sad/dramatic face, in hopes of basically getting things to go the way we want them to go.

So my day got interrupted; so it took me 4 hours to get what should have only taken an hour to do. Truth be told, if that was the WORST part of my day then I really have A LOT to be grateful for.  I thought to myself (as I walked out of the passport office this afternoon, having FINALLY gotten through with my paperwork) “Really Colleen… Really was that ‘melt down’ even necessary?”  And the truth is… NO… it was not.

What I needed to do when that grumpy woman got on my last nerve today was to take a deep breath and remind myself… “This really is NOT the way I want it to go… But I won’t let this ruin my day… and I won’t allow myself to be driven to madness over it” 

Man… if only I was able to remind myself this BEFORE my public embarrassment this morning…lol… well I sure hope no one I know saw me… and if anyone did, I just hope they quickly forget the ‘Angry Black Woman’ side of Colleen I exhibited today 🙁


Oh well… life must go on! Lesson Learned… and I’m moving on


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