Recognizing your source

by | Sep 5, 2011 | Empowerment & Encouragement | 0 comments

I can do all things…. But not without You Lord 😉

What is the source of your strength?  Where do you gain your inspiration, motivation and inner strength to do what you are needing/wanting to get done in your life?  This is a VERY important question to ask yourself daily and you need to have an answer.  (if finding success is what you’re hoping for)

Personally my source of strength is Christ… In Him I live, and move and am able to exist.  When I think about getting something done I don’t have to worry or fear because I’m focused on His ability to give me what I need to get the task done, instead of looking inward and expecting to be self sufficient. 

Learning that lesson has dramatically impacted my life, and I am continually thankful for MY Source!

So…. Think about the question…. What is YOUR source of strength?



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