Pressing on

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Computer is down again 🙁

So I’m using my iPod touch to post my blog tonight. I must admit that yesterday and today was difficult for me to stay strong and not cheat because I learned that the competition (our version of the Biggest
Loser) has been extended till the end of
May, and the final weigh in is
June 2nd. To some that might seem like a good thing, but to me it just means 2 more months of this pressure… And I don’t know how good this is for my sanity!!!!!

While I do appreciate the accountability that the competition brings, the focus that it is causing me to place on my weight, working out, and diet is kinds driving me a little bonkers :s

I know I have no one but myself to blame and I’m the one who agreed to the competition ….. so there is no point in complaining right!?!? Right!!! Either I suck it up and press on, or throw in the towel and call it a day……….

Well I sure don’t plan on giving up… So pressing on is my only option at this point 🙂

For those of you reading these posts I sure hope you’re keeping me in your prayers…. Cuz I need all the prayers I can get at this point 🙂


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