Personal Branding

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Personal Branding

On the weekend I spoke at a Workshop: New Year, New You hosted by Ann Roche Branding.  The event was a personal and style development workshop that taught the women in attendance how to:

  • Discover and Unleash the power in brand “you”
  • Practical tips on how to create a look that best suits your body shape, lifestyle,      personality, life stage and budgets
  • Walk with confidence
  • And much more


The session I ran was focused on developing your ‘personal brand’, and I asked each woman attending to consider the kind of impression they made upon entering a room, or meeting someone for the first time. 

Personally I believe that it’s important to give this thought consideration ‘What impression am I making?’, because it will affect your life in so many ways.  The kind of impression you make influences:

–         How people treat you

–         How relationships with others can grow (or not)

–         The potential for new opportunities (job, promotion, audition etc.)

–         The potential for romance (if meeting prospective person for the 1st time)

–         Etc… etc… etc.. (I could go on)

Any how I thought I’d share some of the points we focused on in my session over the next few days. But first I thought I’d start by asking you to think for a day about a few things. 

  1. What 5-10 words would you use to describe what makes you different or stand out
  2. How would someone who met you for the 1st time describe you after you’ve left the room
  3. How would you LIKE a person meeting you for the 1st time to describe you after you’ve left the room (meaning what kind of impression are you wanting to make)

Ok, so think about that, and tomorrow I’ll share my 1st tip on ‘How to Improve Your Personal Brand’

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