My Love/Hate Relationship

by | Jul 5, 2011 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

I have a love/hate relationship with jogging!

I LOVE how I feel after I’m done… but some of the times while I’m jogging I am NOT….. I mean N-O-T feeling it!  Today was a prime example of that.  From the time I started my jog to the time I finished I was wanting to stop! I don’t understand why it’s like that.  There are days when I start jogging and right from the beginning I’m loving it… I feel energized and feel like I could just go go go go go. 

Unfortunately today wasn’t one of those days, and I found myself mentally saying to myself… ‘you will not stop… you will not stop… ok… maybe just a few minutes of walking…. no no no… you will not stop… you will not stop’ … LOL

I don’t know why I thought to share this experience with you, maybe someone reading this is also a runner/jogger and can relate, or maybe someone who is feeling like this in some other aspect of their life might appreciate hearing another person’s struggle with having to ‘push’ themselves.

Either way….  I can’t tell a lie… I was VERY happy when I got to the end of my route… but after walking a few paces I did feel good, and proud of myself that I finished the course I’d set out to run for the day!  Hopefully tomorrow’s run will be a little easier!


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