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If we are like sponges, absorbing any billboard, magazine, movie, song, book, and so on, we’ll naturally take in a lot of deception along the way.  That may sound like an overreaction to media influences, but the course of many lives has been influenced by such casual absorption.  Thinking great thoughts is a deliberate, intentional process of informing our mind with truth.


Chip Ingram: Good to Great in God’s Eyes – Ten Practices Great Christians Have in Common Pg.21

Another GREAT quote from the book I’m reading!  I find it to be sooooo true and such a necessary point to remember every day!! 

How easily we soak in what is around us, yet expect our minds to be filled with positive, empowering, and encouraging things…. Truth is if we want our minds to be filled with good stuff, we’ve got to be INTENTIONAL about putting positive things into it!


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