Living Drama Free

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So today was our 4th Unique Group and the focus was on ‘Living Drama Free’.  My colleague Elizabeth Correia facilitated this group and focused on sharing some of her story, and how in her life she became so used to living ‘with’ drama, she didn’t realize she had the power to stop it from controlling her life.

We live in a world with many ups and downs, and along the way there are many bumps that can seem ‘dramatic’.  Our perspective and how we decide to carry ourselves has the ability to increase the ‘drama potential’, or decrease it… it’s up to us.

The young and VERY mature women in our group each opened up about some of their experiences, and they all seemed to share similar ‘dramatic’ high school experiences.  As they told some of their stories I remembered my high school days and all the ‘drama’ that seemed to be a part of everyday life.  Little did I know back then that it didn’t HAVE to be that way. 

If I could go back and replay a day in my high school life I would probably just ignore much of what was going on around me, and focus more on my academic.  As most of you reading will recognize ‘having the last word’, ‘knowing the latest gossip’, ‘cussing out this or that person’ etc. doesn’t really get you anywhere.  It wouldn’t get you anywhere in high school, and it sure won’t get you anywhere today regardless of the stage of life you’re in.

Learning to break the cycle of ‘drama’ in your lives can be a bit of a challenge, but the good news is, it’s doable.  It involves:

  • Making a decision to change how you respond to upsetting events
  • Letting the people around you know that you no longer want to be involved in the ‘drama’
  • Knowing how to deescalate a situation that seems to be spinning into a ‘dramatic’ mode
  • Learning to walk away

Living Drama free = Living a more peaceful life. 

It is attainable but the choice is up to you.

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