I’m thankful for the SIMPLE things

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Today I’m feeling thankful for the little things in life…  As I thought about how busy my day will be tomorrow (up at the crack of dawn for a jog, followed by sessions, lunch meeting, then sessions, sessions, and more sessions, squeezing in something enjoyable to do with my husband and boys when I finally get home from work (like a quick walk) and completed by a trip to the gym at about 11pm and ending off my night with writing another short blog.

When I think of all of what I’ve got to get done tomorrow I am feeling SOOO thankful that of all the things I HAVE to do shaving my legs is NOT one of them :s

Yes… the simplicity of not having to bend down during my morning shower to shave my legs is something I’m feeling VERY thankful for tonight. It may seem ridiculous to some… but to ME… it’s one ‘additional’ thing that I don’t need to worry about….

Tomorrow’s weather is scheduled to be a high of 25 and I plan on wearing a lovely summer dress… BUT to my delight… it hits… THE FLOOR!!! Yes… it hits the floor so THANKFULLY I can get away with ONE MORE DAY of not shaving 🙂

Yup… it doesn’t take much to please a girl like me huh?!?!


Thankfully my legs don’t look THIS bad… but I guess even if they did you couldn’t really tell seeing as my dress is long and flowy… lol

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