I will be

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I recently purchased a new album off iTunes Anthony Brown and Group Therapy and I have had Track #2 Titled I will be on REPEAT.  I have found it to be VERY encouraging and thought I’d share the tune with you all in hopes of spreading the empowering message.

The song is basically a declaration that chants: I will be … Everything… that He (God) has called me to be.  I can’t speak for anybody else, but many times I lose sight of this truth.  Many times I get caught up in what my situation or circumstance looks like and begin to doubt myself and doubt if the visions, hopes and dreams I have can be actualized.

This song reminds me that my hopes and dreams come from God, and that as long as I am connected to HIS plan for my life, I CAN DO IT ALL!!! Not because I have supernatural abilities, and I am ‘so’ great; but because HE is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT and he is capable of using  ‘little old me’ to accomplish GREAT GREAT things!!

This truth is the same for anyone reading this blog today, and I hope that this post can serve as a little reminder that you can and will be whatever God has created and purposed for you to be if you allow Him to do it for you!!!

Be Blessed



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