So today is the 1st of April… AND I am happy to share an update on my ‘Healthier eating… Healthier me’.  As I shared on my ‘Coming Clean’ Blog I promised that I would share my results at the end of March.  So I am happy…. VERY happy to say that I am DOWN from the weight I was at when I was writing that post.  Since December 26, 2010 I have been working really hard on losing weight, getting healthy, and increasing my discipline when it comes to eating.

Since that date (December 26th 2010) I have lost 19.5 pounds!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!  I haven’t gotten to my ideal weight YET, but meeting this half way point is very encouraging to me.  For those who know me, eating sweets has been a very bad habit I developed from a VERY young age, and carried into my adulthood.  I have dealt with the consequences of this (weight gain etc.) and finally got to a point where I felt tired of feeling upset with my weight, and decided myself to take control BACK. 

No longer am I allowing my tummy to rule me and determine what I eat etc.  Instead I am being conscious about what I am doing with eating and as a result I am able to see the physical results I was hoping for.

I’m not too sure if this post is going to be encouraging to you (I hope it is), but I know that recently I saw Jenifer Hudson share her weight loss journey and something clicked inside for me, and I became VERY motivated.  Perhaps your goal isn’t to lose weight… but hopefully hearing a little bit of my story will be encouraging and motivating for you to know that YOU CAN DO IT!! (What ever it is you want to work on).

I encourage you to move on with your goal, no matter how hard it may seem, just don’t give up!!

 Just keep pressing on!

All the best,


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