Don’t become bitter

by | Apr 13, 2011 | Empowerment & Encouragement | 2 comments

Longings.  Coming face to face with the fact that there are empty places in our lives that haven’t been filled.  Yearnings.  Wanting more than we have: more love, more enjoyment, more passion, more hope, more rest.  Cravings.  The hope of finding something that will satisfy the rumbling we feel in the stomach of our soul.

–          Nicole Johnson

Longings, yearnings, hopes, cravings…etc.  This is a natural part of life.  But what happens when we focus TOO much on what we are still waiting for?  Sometimes we can become angry, bitter and heartbroken over areas that we are still longing to see change in our lives.

It’s so important to be careful not to allow our unmet desires to become areas of brokenness in our lives, and I believe that this can happen when we focus too much on what we want vs. what we currently have.

Take some time today to not only think about what you want to see changed in your life, but breath a word of thanksgiving for all of what you DO have and are thankful for.


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