So Day 7 and I’m still alive!!

 I say that with a smile, because before I began the fast I remember asking my husband if the thought the fast might affect my ability to do the things I normally do (work out, express myself enthusiastically, see clients, speak publicly etc.) lol… and he smiled at me and said ‘ummm Colleen if this is a fast where you are seeking to grow and be strengthened spiritually, I think it will give you MORE energy rather than take away your strength/ability to do these things!”  Well, today I was reminded of this conversation as I reflected on how energized I’ve felt, over the past week. 

As I sat with my family and close friend today at lunch I was so amazed at how I didn’t crave for any of the junk food that was right in front of me.  Instead I just dug into my lunch bag and ate the food that I had brought from home with a smile.  

I know that for those who have SUPER WILL POWER … this might sound like a very small or insignificant thing… But because I know where I’m coming from to me… that experience was HUGE… and it reminds me of the inner strength that (by God’s grace) is growing inside of me!!!

I FEEL UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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