Wow… I’m at day 17 and still hangin in! I’m thanking God for the faith, grace, and the strength!  The past few days have been ok.  The struggle continues however NOT with the same passion with which it hit me on day 13 lol… so I’m very thankful for this.  I guess now that I’m on the home stretch my mind is better able to deal with the sugar deprivation, and the very SIMPLE diet.

I am so happy that I was invited/challenged to do this fast.  I have learned so much about myself and about what I am TRULLY capable of doing (with God’s grace).  I have learned the importance of quieting the noise inside and out and just ‘being’ with myself.  Eating a high fat and sugar filled diet I find can really contribute to a life that is unaware of a lot of things.  For me the fast has taught me that I don’t like that (being unaware).

Felling tired and headed to bed… in 15 min. It will be Day 18… and I’m excited to say goodnight to Day 17. 


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