Anti Halloween… Anti Scary!!!!

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Anti-Halloween….. Anti- Scary

So it’s October 31st at about 8pm and I’m laying in bed with my family watching T.V.  No trick or treating at the Miller’s residence, and I am VERY happy to report that the door bell hasn’t rung once.  Other homes in the neighbourhood are lit up with parents hanging out on the front steps to greet the tricker treaters, so I guess not having any lights on outside or just inside the house helps to send the message that we aren’t a part of the Halloween Festivities.

Every now and again around this time of year I get asked if I’m taking my kids out for Halloween or giving out candy.  Once hearing ‘no’ some people continue to press me for more of an explanation, as they can’t understand why I wouldn’t celebrate.  I never grew up celebrating Halloween, so I used to feel embarrassed as a kid to tell my friends I wouldn’t be going out on the 31st, but now that I have a child old enough to talk, I have become more grounded in my convictions about not celebrating Halloween. 

When my oldest little boy sees anything related to Halloween the first thing he says is “Oh mooooomy!!!” lol (his little voice is sooo cute hehe) “That’s scaaaaaaaaaawry!!”

And you know what… HE’S RIGHT!!! It is scary… IT’S DARN scary some of the things I see during this time of year.  And as cute as it is to see little children dressed up as butterflies, princesses, and angels, there are more kids dressed up like ghosts, goblins, and other SCARY characters…. The more I think about the subject of Halloween is the more I realize that my son’s view echoes mine on this issue.  Halloween is all about scary stuff, and I DON’T LIKE IT!!! I don’t want to glorify death, dying, killings, witches, ghosts and goblins, and it makes me annoyed that I  have to now explain to my little 2 and a half year old about things like skeletons and monsters etc.

So in thinking about the point of my blog about why I don’t like or celebrate Halloween I’ve come to 2 points.  1. Just to express myself and 2. To demonstrate the importance of standing up for our convictions (big and small)

Oh… Oh… I just remembered one thing I don’t mind about Halloween…

The discounted candy on Nov 1st….. 🙂

But unfortunately I won’t be taking part this year… because I am starting on a new HEALTHier EATING HEALTHY ME program tomorrow… MONDAY November 1st…. yaaaay me!!!

p.s. you may notice that this blog is posted on Nov 1st… aargh!! I started writting it just after 8 in wordperfect… with my kids jumping around on my bed… and by the time they got to bed and I finished eating my (goodbye to unhealthy eating snack!!! ) I realized it was 11:59… I tried soooooooooooo hard to open the ‘new post’ icon copy it out of word and past it… but my heart was beating so fast… hhahahahah (I don’t even know why) and I hit a few other icons… and by the time I got to new post… IT WAS ALREADY 12:00…. LOL…. ooooh well.. My halloween post got published on Nov 1st… lol… no big deal… but something silly to smile about… 🙂

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