Anyone who angers you conquers you

–         Unknown

This Week I thought we would discuss the subject of ‘anger’.  Have you ever considered how anger affects you, and how it can (if dealt with in and unhealthy way) affect the kind of life you live?

Anger is a natural emotion that we experience within the human experience.  Although we shouldn’t feel bad or upset with ourselves for feeling angry, we SHOULD consider what we do WHEN we experience the emotion of anger. 

We have the choice of having a healthy reaction or unhealthy reaction when we feel angry, but many times people aren’t aware that they have a lot of CHOICE when anger comes to the surface.

Consider for a moment how you may usually respond/react when you become angry.  Do you have any examples or memories of times you reacted in an unhealthy or unhelpful way when you were angry?  What about an example of dealing with your anger in a healthy or productive way?

Which of these examples do you feel better about as you reminisce


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