Ok… what day is it again?!? 11!?

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Yes, yes, it is Day 11 (I actually had to stop and double check).  So is forgetting what day of the fast it is a good or a bad thing?? (Not sure)

Well today was a bit of a struggle, as I found myself daydreaming about sipping on a cup of tea with milk and sugar!! I was also fantasising about a Crunchie bar… (NOT GOOD).  Then at lunch I was feeling a bit down and sad that I couldn’t eat what my belly was craving and then it hit me (don’t you just LOVE the way God can talk to us in the midst of everyday life) that someone in the world right now would give ANYTHING for the meal I was complaining about.  L NOT a good feeling.   So I said ‘ok, sorry Lord for forgetting to be thankful for ALL the blessings you’ve bestowed on me … and thank you for my lunch.

(pictured above, 4 WW crackers cut in half with pb, banana slices, and strawberries)

Then I went back to filling my head with the amazing ministry of Joyce Meyers (I am so in love with her!!!) I could watch/listen to her sermons all day long!!!  It was very helpful listening today.  I always feel like she is challenging me to ‘check myself’ in soooo many areas of my life.

Thank God for every good thing I was fortunate to experience today, and God Bless who ever you are reading this blog!!!

Gooooooooooooooooooooooood night!

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