Ok… Day 10 and I’m still here… SERIOUSLY!! Didn’t know how I was going to get through last night with no food at work for as long as I was, but THANK God for Five gum!

So… Today I went out for lunch at a restaurant to say bye to a friend who is moving away, and I had a moment where I thought I’d be sitting there sipping on only water.  I was afraid that the menu wouldn’t have anything I could eat AND enjoy, BUT… I was pleasantly surprised!  As I munched on my mashed potatoes and green beans I thought to myself… ‘see it’s possible to do this and still socially eat out’.

As I close my eyes (very thankfully) for my 10th night I realize that TRULY with Christ I can do ALL things!  I’m just about half way through the fast, and I’m still doing alright!

Very Pleasantly, and Happily saying… GOOOOD NIGHT!!

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