The need to constantly water

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I forgot to water my flowers today 🙁

I was thinking the other day as I was watering my flowers and my grass about how proud I am of myself this year, for staying on top of all the necessary watering for a healthy lawn and a beautiful garden.  Then I realized that although I’ve been so good about watering this season I have to CONTINUE to water my plants and lawn regularly if I hope to maintain a healthy looking lawn.  It hit me that all my hard work for the past few months WILL go to waste if I decide that for the rest of the week or next week for example I would just break out of my routine of daily watering and weeding. 

Last year my watering wasn’t as routine as it’s been this year and as a result my lawn and flower growth was sporadic, wasn’t long lasting and eventually my flowers withered away.  What I’ve learnt this year is the importance of consistency in caring for my lawn and garden (yay for me!!)

Another lesson I’ve learned is that maintaining a healthy life is also much like maintaining a healthy lawn.  Once we establish healthy daily routines it is important to maintain these habits with as much commitment and consistency as possible.  If tomorrow you decide that taking care of yourself isn’t a priority all the hard work that has been invested ‘could’ very well go to waste, so the next time you’re watering your lawn take a moment and think… have I ‘watered’ my life today?  Am I doing what is necessary to remain healthy and strong?

Important questions to ask yourself day to day…


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