The Devil’s Workshop….

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I don’t think what I’m about to say is rocket science… it strikes me as ‘commom sense’, but I am realizing that perhaps the saying is true…’ common sense isn’t all that common these days’

Ok… so my thought for today… We need to be careful of the names/things we associate ourselves with!

Last week a friend and I met for dinner downtown Toronto.  After dinner we walked along Queen street and I saw quite a few cute little shops that we went into.  One of the stores we checked out had lovely little pieces of what seemed to me over priced jewellery.  I thought the pieces were cute, but there was something about many of the pieces that left me feeling a little funny.  Many of the pieces had a ‘dark’ kind of feel to them, yet there were so petite and cute that it left me feeling just a little ‘off’.  There was a little silver necklaces of a pare of lungs and one of a skull… a ring of a gun…a cute little fortune cookie style necklace… just to name a few.

 From the minute I saw the price of the pieces I knew that I wouldn’t be purchasing anything there, but I kept looking around to see the other pieces.  As I spoke with the shop owner she explained to me that they actually taught classes there on sight where students were taught how to make their own jewellery and sometimes even made many of the pieces on display, which totally peaked my interest.

 So I looked through the picture album of pieces students had made and picked up a class schedule.  Before my eyes even got down to the listing of classes I could possibly take, my eyes glanced across the title… ‘The Devil’s Work Shop’…. My eyes and my brain had a bit of an argument for a moment… because I wasn’t quite sure if what I was reading was correct.  I literally felt like time stopped for a second and my heart skipped a beat.  I didn’t get it… Was that the name of the courses?  Was that the name of a certain collection?  No… As the shock wore off and I looked at the other materials I realized THAT WAS THE NAME OF THE SHOP!!!

I mean… even as I type this my mind is STILL having such a hard time comprehending why someone would choose this kind of name for their business… SERIOUSLY… SERIOUSLY??? SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?!? Someone could feel comfortable setting up a business with the name THE DEVIL’S WORK SHOP?!!?!?!? I was so confused and so sad at the same time! I quickly finished my conversation with the shop owner and discreetly put the class schedule back and walked out of the store partly in a daze realizing that this is the reality of the world we live in today.

We live in a world where things of the ‘dark’ and things that would have scared the life out of us in the past are no longer a concern.  I go to Walmart and have to scan through the clothes and shoes I want to purchase for my child to ensure that there aren’t any ‘skulls’ or demonic type paraphernalia on them because this is now the ‘trend’ in our fashion.

I think it’s very scary… and I think it’s important to remind ourselves that what we associate ourselves with has a very significant and dramatic impact on our lives.  We need to consider the things we call ourselves, the places we go and the people we spend our time with, because all of these things affect the life we end up living. 

Wake up people… There is a spiritual war going on (Ephesians 6:12)… and you need to realize that your life… your future… and your soul is what is hanging in the balance.


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