Regret – From a Spiritual perspective

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So, for those of us who are Christians and are actively working at living a Godly life (as described in the Bible), having regret is a part of acknowledging what we’ve done wrong/when we have stepped out (willingly) of the Will of God for our lives.

If we refuse to ‘regret’ then how do we honestly confess our sin, turn our backs from it and move towards God as we’ve been instructed to do in his word? (Psalms 38:18)  It is IMPOSSIBLE to do this (truly repent) without having regret, or feeling sorry for what you have done.

So today’s post is really focused on those who are Bible believing Christians who have a desire to life a life like (and for) Christ.  If you identify yourself as a Christian (as I’ve listed above) then it is impossible to life a life without regret AND please God while you’re doing it.

When we are able to (as Christians) acknowledge and confess the mistakes we’ve done, that is when we are able to receive God’s forgiveness, and allow Him to show us a BETTER way.

So…. again, tonight my message is still the same… Ain’t nothing wrong with regret… if you’re trying to grow in your faith and your walk with Christ acknowledging your regret is a prerequisite.

Blessings…. and MUCH Love!


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