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The Preparation/Determination stage is VERY important in the process of actually effecting change in ones life.  You know that someone is in this stage when you hear them making comments like ‘Something has GOT to change?’, ‘what do I need to do to make a lasting change in this area?’

This is the stage where a person begins to do their research surrounding what it’s really going to take to make things turn around in their lives.  When people skip this stage and try to move directly to the ‘action’ stage, they very easily fail in their efforts because they really don’t know all of what it’s really going to take to make lasting change in their lives.

So what should you be doing during this stage?

  • Asking the important questions
  • Counting the cost of the ‘change’ you are wanting to see take place in your life
  • Reading books, articles etc. related to the issue you are wanting to change
  • Seeking out advice from a trusted person (counsellor, good friend/family member, pastor, etc.)

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