Personal Branding Tip #3

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Dress for the Occasion

So, you want to improve your personal brand?  Well consider the reality of the world we live in (well… at least in North America) and the truth is that people are looking at you right now, and making some kind of impression about who you are, and what you have to offer.  Most of these impressions are based on your appearance.   Whether that is a good or  a bad thing is debatable, and regardless of what you think on the matter won’t change the fact that we live in a world were we do in fact get judged based on how we present ourselves.  For this reason ‘appearance’ MUST be considered if you want to improve your personal brand.

It’s important to consider at the beginning of each day, or the night before what you are doing that day/the following day (i.e. work, meeting, casual encounters, running errands etc.)  Making preparations ahead of time instead of just walking up to the closet and picking what ever is clean will help you make a better impression.

Many times before a person opens their mouth their audience has already made a conclusion as to if they have anything of value to say.  Learning to improve your personal brand and doing intentional things to improve how you are perceived by others will help give you a bit of an edge; and help position you to fulfill your purpose a little easier.

Many times how a person is perceived by others can get in their way of being able to share with the world what they have to share.  For example, if you are a hairdresser and you are wanting to solicit new business, but your own hair is always a ‘hot mess’ well this affects how others see you, and your ability to do hair.  Failing to present oneself in an appealing matter when soliciting new business can hinder the potential for new clients (as described in this example)

Take the time to consider the occasion and ask yourself the question: ‘does my appearance reflect the kind of impression I want to be making?’ The good thing is that improving your personal brand by ‘dressing for the occasion’ doesn’t mean you have to be dressed up every minute of everyday.  I mean, there is no point putting the same kind of effort you would for an interview or a blind date on going to the nail salon, or doing your groceries.  If you don’t have a reality show then why worry about how you look 100% of the time.  By prioritizing the most important impressions you are trying to make, you are able to put most of your efforts into those ones.

I am also of the opinion that how you put yourself together affects how you feel inside, and how you carry yourself.  For example if you are feeling ‘cute’ you tend to walk with an extra ‘bounce’ in your step, and if you feel ‘blah’ you tend to carry yourself in a ‘blah’ kind of way too.  SO!!! Give yourself some time to prepare for the day you are going to be facing.  If you are having a relaxed day be intentional about picking out some comfy relaxing cloths that’s going to help you do what you have to do ‘relax’, and if you’re going to an important meeting, out with some friends or on a hot date, prepare yourself to look your best… you deserve it!


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