Personal Branding Tip #1

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So to the question: ‘How to improve your personal brand?’  Here is my first tip:

Learn to appreciate your Uniqueness

We are all unique individuals, one of a kind, and special in different ways.  No two people are exactly the same, so it’s important not to ‘try’ and be just like another person.  I mean there is really no point in even trying because you’ll just end up being an imitation of somebody else.

Just think about it, if you can’t recognize what’s unique and special about you, then how can you expect or hope another person will see or appreciate your uniqueness.  We have each been created to do something VERY special with our lives and the sooner you are able to embrace that is the better you’ll be at accomplishing it. (Your purpose) 

When you truly appreciate your uniqueness you will also stop comparing yourself with other people.  Comparing ourselves with others is basically a ‘set up’ because at some point you’re going to end up feeling ‘less than’ and this will inevitably affect your ability to do what you want to be doing with yourself.  So, the sooner that you are able to stop comparing yourself to other people, is the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy all the things that make you special, unique and one of a kind.

Appreciating your uniqueness (what makes you different, and special in this world) opens you up to freely do what you are ‘called’/ ‘purposed’ to do in life, and it also allows you to grow in your gifting.

I notice that some people hesitate to use the word(s) ‘gifting’ ‘purpose’ ‘calling’ etc., and I wonder if this is partly to do with feeling like using these words means they should be ‘the best’ at these things, or ‘experts’.  If you find yourself doing this think instead about:

  • What brings you pleasure
  • What give you a sense of fulfillment/joy
  • What others tell you you’re good at
  • What comes naturally to you
  • What you are passionate about

These things will be a good indicator of what your ‘purpose’/’calling’/’gifting(s)’ might be.

When you are able to appreciate your uniqueness and able to go after your sense of purpose with a ‘no holds barred’ attitude it also impacts how you feel about yourself and life.  Not being able to recognize how special and unique you are can leave you feeling insignificant, and can even cast a negative ‘cloud’ on how you see the world.  For this reason I encourage you to consider (regularly) what it is that makes you ‘Unique’ and learn how to embrace it wholeheartedly.   After all if you can’t see this, how can you expect anyone else to?


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