learning more about myself everyday…

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I am thankful today for the blessing of being able to learn more and more about myself as each day passes by.  The ability to learn more about oneself involves being WILLING to actually see the good AND the bad… which isn’t always easy to face.  Truth is though that if you want to progress, and move forward in life…(growing and maturing daily) then you’ve got to be willing to face your areas of weakness head on.

I am coming to realize a few things that get in the way of having a successful day as far as I can tell.  I’m going to list a few, and then spend my week elaborating more on each one.

So…. here’s my list of things that get in the way of a successful day (from Colleen’s perspective)

–          Not making time to talk to God (prayer)

–          Not making time to get into my Word (scripture reading)

–          Not eating a healthy balanced diet

–          Not working out

–          Not managing my emotions (in a healthy way)

–          Not getting enough rest

Ok… so I’m stopping the list here, as I feel these are the BIGGEST culprits when it comes to stealing my sense of peace, and set me up for an unsuccessful day.

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