Great way to end the year!

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Well it’s been difficult… AND very challenging… But, the great news is that I’ve managed to regain control of my health (specifically my eating) over the past few weeks, AND lose 6 pounds.  Imagine that!! This is the time of year I would typically throw in what’s left of the towel and just say: ‘Forget it… I’ll just start fresh in January’… But I didn’t! I dug deep within myself and said NO!!!! No! to the late night snacks, No! to the extra sweets, and No! to sleeping in and skipping the gym.  As a result of all those no’s I’ve seen a drop on the scale… and an increase in how I feel about myself.

It feels good to be in control of what I am doing.  I mean the reality is that I have always been in control, but the choices I was making went against the goals I’d set for myself, so that just left me feeling out of control, and disappointed in myself.  Now I feel like I am able to make a decision and stick to it, AND I feel proud of myself for following through with my commitment.

So, this has just been a few weeks of self sacrifice, and there is so much more sacrifice that is ahead of me for 2011, but this is a start… and in my opinion a GREAT start, so on I go into 2011 with my Healthier eating, Healthier me.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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