Formula for Success

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So here’s a cute little piece I found on “Success”.  It’s actually advice from the well known children’s book Winnie-the-Pooh on Success.  The stranger gives the animals ideas on how they can be successful.

“What does the success formula taste like?”

“Its not that kind of formula, Silly Bear,” said the stranger.  He took a sheet of paper out of his case and began writing on it.  When he finished, he turned it around and showed it to his friends.  This is what he had written:

  • Select a Dream
  • Use your dreams to set a goal
  • Create a plan
  • Consider Resources
  • Enhance skills and abilities
  • Spend time wisely
  • Start! Get organized and go

“It spells Suchness!” shouted Piglet.

“Close, Piglet.” Said the stranger.  It spells Success” (Allen & Allen, 1997, p. 17)

 Hope you found this as cute and helpful as I did!!


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