Day 6 has been great!  I feel like I’m really getting the swing of things, and continue to feel so grateful to have had 6 successful days.  I thought tonight I’d write about the things I feel have helped me to make it to Day 6 feeling as great as I do, so here goes:

#1 Recognizing that all my strength comes from God.  I don’t feel the pressure of having to do this on my own.  I make it a point to acknowledge each day that I need God’s grace, and strength to make it to the end of the day, and His faithfulness has been so evident over the past 6 days.

#2 Having a group of friends who are on this journey with me.  A group of girls at church decided to begin the fast at the beginning of the New Year, and graciously allowed me to be a part of their group.  We communicate daily and encourage each other about struggles we are facing, or just to celebrate together the little successes.

#3 Planning ahead.  Knowing what I’m going to eat, and having access to the foods I am able to eat on the fast has truly saved me from caving into any temptations just out of shear frustration or hunger.  I have a fridge full of the foods I can eat, and I don’t have to sit scratching my head when my belly lets me know it’s time to eat.

#4 Having a Life!  Everyday begins with something to do.  I’ve got a list of things I want to get done for the day, and things that I didn’t finish from the day before, so it keeps me focused around the clock.  I believe that having a sense of purpose for everyday is a great form of motivation and reminds me that accomplishing this fast proves that I can truly do the things I set my mind to do, as hard or as easy as they may seem at the onset.

#5  A positive mindset/attitude.  I have set out in my mind to do this fast and to do it well.  I have determined that I’m going to complete this fast, so when my mind starts to think of ways to eeeeeeeeeaaase my way out of completing it, I just take a DEEEP breath and say to myself… ‘I am going to complete this, and I am going to be JUST fine!’  Truth is that even if I cheated and allowed myself a chocolate bar.  I know myself well enough to know that it wouldn’t satisfy me.  I have learned that when it comes to sweets I have NO BOUNDARIES… I have yet to find my cut off point.  I could eat it until my teeth fall out.  I ain’t getting any stomach pains, or headaches etc… so I realize that I need to learn how to stop myself! And this fast is teaching me A LOT about how to do that!

#6 (I wasn’t going to write this one… because I think some people may read this the wrong way… but I am going to write it anyways and try really hard not to care about what people who can’t see where I’m coming from might think!!!)…..

Ok… My #6 is… seeing the numbers on the scale go down… OK I SAID IT… WEIGHT LOSS HAS HELPED MOTIVATE ME TO STICK TO THE FAST!! Does that make me a bad person?!?! I don’t think so… maybe someone out there thinks this reason makes my experience less ‘spiritual’… but that’s ok, their opinion is not going to change the fact that it’s a motivating factor (at least to me)!! 

I said to a friend, that I want my body to reflect my personal discipline, and then in retrospect I realized that it does.  When I can’t fit into my jeans or I find there is a little ‘too much’ jelly in ma belly lol… It basically reflects the LACK of discipline I have been exercising in my diet.  And I really want that to change.  I really want all aspects of my life to reflect a DISCIPLINED life, and seeing the numbers on the scale go down remind me that I’m doing something right!

Ok… one last one…. #7  My Blog! Writing blogs that tell the story of how my journey is going has motivated me to keep going… I mean WHAT WOULD I SAY/WRITE if I quit?!?! lol… I guess I could just say that,  and my world really wouldn’t come crashing down, but from all the encouraging notes I’ve received related to my sharing my story, I want to be an encouragement and an inspiration, which means I’VE GOTTA SEE THIS THING THROUGH!!!!

YAAAAAAAY…  half an hour and I’m onto day 7

Goodnight… and sleep tight!


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