So I was talking with a friend today, who shared that one of her friends mentioned/insinuated that the Daniel Fast wasn’t a legitimate fast, and basically not as good as fasting completely from all food. 

My friend and I both disagreed with that idea, and began sharing how important it is to not feel ‘judged’ or put down by others when following your personal convictions of what you believe God is directing you to do. 

Our world is already filled with such judgment and criticism it is VERY sad that people actually take an issue like this and say things that could leave others feeling like their sacrifice isn’t some how good enough.  I don’t think that’s something Christ would say or do and ended the conversation encouraging my friend to focus on pleasing GOD… and God alone!!

This conversation as frustrated as it had me feeling, also helped me to revisit all of the things God has been teaching me over the time I’ve been doing the Daniel Fast.  In the past when I’ve fasted completely from food from sun up to sun down I would break my fast and eat all the foods I would normally eat (including the unhealthy food).   Many times I would actually over indulge late at night as I knew that once the morning came I would be fasting again.  After the time of fasting was complete I would go back to my old way of eating without a second thought.

This fast (the Daniel Fast) has been different!!! It has been a time of spiritual renewal, as well as physical renewal.  I feel like my body and mind has been put through a RE-VAMP machine, and I am seeing myself in a completely different way now.  Because I have had to cut out the foods that (lets face it) taste the best, I have been faced with the challenge round the clock for 19days straight.  I haven’t taken a ‘break’ or had a cheat day it’s just been me depending upon God to continue to give me the strength and endurance to see this fast out till the end.  I have been so pleasantly surprised at all that I have learned through this experience, so much more than I ever thought I would learn.  I am so happy for the experience and thankful for the people who inspired and encouraged me that I could do it.

Goodnight Day 19

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