Ok, so I’ve completed my FIRST DAY of the Daniel fast!  I am tired, and drained, I’m hungry for meat and sugar, but most of all I’m happy that I’ve gotten through the first day!!! Yaaaaay!!!

I will be on the Daniel fast for a total of 21 days, and I’m doing it as a source of spiritual, mental, and physical renewal.  Along with writing a 2011 letter, and writing out clear goals for myself at the beginning of a New Year, I also find it helpful to begin a New Year with prayer and fasting.  I find it to be very beneficial to begin my year with dedicated time to intentionally seek God (through prayer and fasting). 

Fasting isn’t something that I enjoy doing, or even think I do that well, but I know that I desperately need direction from God for every step I take in my life.  I am very serious about wanting to achieve all the things God has for me, so I believe fasting (as hard as it seems at the time) is such a small sacrifice to make in order to really hear from God.

So I’ll be blogging about my experience along the 21 days of my fast.   For those of you who haven’t heard about the Daniel fast before, I will dedicate my post tomorrow to talk more in detail about it, but for now it’s late, and I’m tired, and I want to get a good amount of rest so I can do well tomorrow.

Night Night!

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