18 weeks to Marathon Day 🙂

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So today I registered for my training clinic for a FULL marathon through the running room. 18 weeks and then I’ll be running a full marathon… I am repeating myself because I am partly still in shock that I’m actually going through with this endeavor.

I recently ran a Half Marathon for the GoodLife Fitness Marathon in May, and that was my 3rd time running the half marathon.  Although the race wasn’t totally easy breezy… I did find myself surprised at how I felt throughout the course and it hit me that I may just be ready to do a full marathon.

I always knew that I wanted to eventually run a full marathon, but I imagined it would be some time waaaaaaaaaaaay off in the future… lol… Well to my surprise my ‘future’ is just 18 weeks away.

What I am most looking forward to is being a part of a group (I met some really nice folks tonight), as well as the educational piece that comes along with being in the running clinics.  My previous marathon training has been haphazard and I’ve basically just done my own thing.  This time around I want to be more informed on how to protect against injury, healthy diet for the best running, and helpful gear/equipment.

I’m a bit nervous… but mostly I’m excited about the journey ahead…


Some pics from my race in May (GoodLife Fitness)

My 3 Cheerleaders on race day 🙂

My future running partner LJ (he asks me to come jogging almost every day)

yaaaaaay I made it!!! (I’m really not sure why I’m holding my food like it’s my medal/prize) LOL

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